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CEO & Principal Consultant

Jan Ropponen helps B2B companies plan and execute successful sales transformations. 
Pressure from competition, commoditized products and services, as well as professional purchasing is causing many organizations to have challenges growing, especially profitably. Therefore, sales transformation is more important than ever.
Working with many different companies in the past years, Jan has observed how many companies see technology as a magic wand that will solve their problems. Technology can do wonderful things, but not by itself. Jan is on a mission to help companies make the necessary changes to fully leverage the power of technology. 

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Antti Heikkilä 

Sales Growth Advisor

Antti has a background in software sales and experience of launching and managing sales teams, implementing CRM and other sales technologies as well as developing more efficient operating models. Antti is a fan of sales metrics and believes in managing and measuring daily performance, not results, as the right action always leads to great results.

In his previous role as Sales & Marketing Director of Lyyti he transformed the software company’s sales model from individual reps to a highly performing team with a strong operating model supported by the Salesforce platform and sales technologies like Vainu. The shift at Lyyti was a success on many levels, as the sales cycle accelerated to 1/3 and average deal sizes increased by over 100 % and productivity increased as time spent / deal fell by 2/3rds. These changes have resulted in a hungry & happy sales org that has reached it’s targets for over 12 months in a row.

At Ascend Antti helps our customers achieve similar results and successfully help sales organizations step into the digital age, become happier and more productive and reach their goals. 

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