Sales transformation advisors

Building a modern successful sales organization requires more holistic experience than ever before.

Our advisory team is experienced both from a technology stand-point as well as a successful career in sales and sales management.


JukKA Soini

With +15 years of experience in software sales and sales management, Jukka has a deep understanding of what it takes to operate a successful sales organization. 

Work experience: Delfoi, Oracle, Salesforce and Workday. 

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MIka Riekkola

Mika is our "big deal" advisor. He understands how to create and capture demand when the stakes are high. Whether you need to win 100k or 50 M€ deals, Mika knows how to do it.

Work experience: Satama Interactive, Capgemini, IBM, MaintPartner. 

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Sami Lampinen

Sami has been greasing the chains of Finnish companies with the help of technology for almost 20 years. With a strong background in CRM and other business technology, Sami can help accelerate sales growth. 

Work experience: Salesforce and Accenture.

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mika Alapiessa

Mika can help you build profitable sales channels and partner ecosystems. He also has extensive experience in B2B marketing, and especially marketing automation and web analytics.

Work experience: Adobe, Borland, Visure solutions, Blackboard, Mobile Bridge

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Tiina Antturi

Tiina has a proven track-record in sales and sales management from both software and professional services organizations. With Axend Tiina has been helping customers get through tough change management projects.

Work experience:  Oracle, DeepLead, TrainersHouse, Microsoft (EMEA Sales Director) 

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