Do you want to grow faster than your competitors?

Growth does not come in a linear fashion any longer. Instead of hiring more people, it could be wiser to change your sales model.

Some organizations have understood that new operating models and technology can be a multiplier effect, which accelerate results that couldn't be achieved earlier. 

We are currently writing a book about this multiplier effect:


Sales transformation programs are done in three phases: 

Phase 1 - Design

 A B2B architect will design your process, organization and map the necessary technology. This can include writing business requirements for a new CRM or CRM add-ons.

Phase 2 - Implement

A change agent will help you implement the blueprint by being your active program manager. This can include implementing a CRM or other technology, as well as implementing processes and models for your entire organization.  

Phase 3 - Train

A trainer will help you implement the new concepts and way of working for the whole organization through workshops and coaching. 

Sample Case: Professional services organization

The strategic goal was to grow by 10M€ in the next two years. 

To start, we created a value map. What needed to change in order to reach the targets? We found several issues that needed to be changed. Time was spend inefficiently, and there was no customer segmentation model, although many customers were clearly more valuable than others. 

We built and inside sales team, and designed a process to ensure that account managements focused on key accounts, while a few designated new business managers could focus on acquiring new customers.

A CRM was implemented to help steer the organization towards its goals. This meant that we had to design a new way of managing sales. 

For the whole organization, we built a sales playbook, which helped each invidividual follow the company sales process and customer management model. 




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